Mobile Chat V3

Q: Why is my Nicks in use?
A: Nicks can be Registered, If a nick you are trying to use is not free, try using some other nickname.

Q: I think there is foul language on the chat!
A: We are not always moderating the chat, so there may be foul language used by other chatters. Please report abuse using the feedback option.

Q: Can I give my phone number to chatters?
A: Do not give your phone number or any other personal contact details in the chat! You do not know who the other chatters are, and by giving out your personal contact information you might get harrased off chat or worse by some other chatter.

Q: What is the Chat-Age?
A: The chat age shows how much you have been chatting here as a registered user. The more you chat, the higher it gets.

Q: The others do not speak english?
A: Anyone has the right to speak/write in their own language. We encourage english, but it is not a must.

Q: How can I be a moderator?
A: Moderation rights are only provided when a Moderator or Administrator thinks it is convenient.

Q: What is the [p] and [M] before some nicks?
A: [p] = Permanent MOD, [M] = Moderator

Q: Can I flood?
A: No, flooding is strictly forbidden! Flooding = sending any kind of repeated messages, regardless if it is one character or symbol only or a long message.

Q: Whats LOL, LMAO, MWAH and other shorts?
A: This is the short language used in the chat. Talk to the others to find out they mean!